Rochester Roadrunners 2010 Roster
# Name Nick
Joined Team Positions Bats Throws
3 Bernie Carlson Remf 1999 Skipper, Emergency Sub Right Right
4 Jeff Swanson Swanee 1999 2B, SS, OF Right Right
5 Matt Bologna Matty B 2007 P, 2B, 3B Right Right
7 Mike Burman Big Mike 2001 P, 1B, OF Right Left
8 Chad Falk Wickster 2000 SS, 2B, P, C Left Right
9 Andy Passe AP 2001 1B, 3B Right Right
11 Sam Hoppe Sam I am 2010 P, OF Right Right
12 Mitch Obey Rapp 2009 OF Right Right
13 Reid Neumann Reid 2008 P Right Right
14 Mike Vance Vancer 2005 3B, OF, P, C Right Right
17 Scott Thorvilson Thor 1999 Assistant Coach, 1B, OF Right Right
19 John Fiek Little John 2010 2B, C, DH Left Right
20 Adam Osborn Oz 2010 1B, P, DH Right Right
22 Adam Peterson Dueces 2007 2B, 1B, OF Right Right
24 Matt Kosel Strings 2009 C, 1B Right Right
25 Brandon Hanson Brandon 2009 P, 1B Right Left
28 Dan Crusan Lightning 2010 OF, 2B Right Right
33 David Dahlstrom Double D 2007 P, 1B, 3B, OF Right Right
34 Mike Hohberger Hobie 2000 OF, 3B Right Right
39 Todd Hangge Hang Man 2005 OF, 3B Right Right
42 Angel Talamantes Wings 2009 OF, SS, 2B Switch Right
44 Henry Rownd Henry 2010 P, OF, 1B Left Left